426131_3084914558258_1721972595_nI was born in 1960 and I’m a mother of two teenagers.
I studied Economics and Business Administration at the Tel Aviv University.
After receiving my Diploma I worked in these fields until 1994.
During that time I was intrigued by the spiritual world and started exploring it, which led
me eventually to painting.

I was introduced to a very unique technique of applying acrylic paint on canvas by my
teacher, the painter, Ms. Dalia Sharon.
This technique creates various dimensions of volume, depth, and texture, thus adding
new perspective to the eye of the beholder.

My style is a mixture of figurative, symbolic and abstract elements.

My subjects stem from my inner world which combines both reality and spirituality
and which are expressed on large canvasses with bold colors.

While one may see tranquility in a painting the other may see a raging storm.
However, one can’t overlook the emotions, imagination and reality which are expressed on the canvasses creating endless subjects and themes:

Those who feel close to the spiritual world may find whirling charkas while others may
find raging storms. Some of my paintings express unique tranquility and calmness which
may lead to meditation and deep relaxation. There are paintings that make people pose
questions, while other people may find answers.

My paintings are of different sizes, ranging from 20″ X 20″ to 80″ X 100″ inches.

Please take your time and wander around and contact me with your input and reflections.